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Line Protection Services

Powerline Utilities only offers line protection services. If a worker or equipment are within three (3) meters of high voltage electrical conductors or equipment, the constructor or employer must contact Powerline Plus Ltd., Line Protection Services which must include the following information:

  1. Description of all work to be performed in the vicinity of high voltage conductors or equipment, during the entire duration of time that the protective devices are to be installed on the job site.
  2. Type of equipment to be used in the vicinity of high voltage electrical conductors or equipment.
  3. Minimum distance between works and equipment at hazard, and overhead electrical conductors or equipment.
  4. Employers established procedure adequate to protect workers against electrical shock and burns, and assurance that competant workers will be using them, including verification of training, and confirmation of responsibility to provide a visual check of protective devices before and during time of work in vicinity of high voltage electrical conductors or equipment.

A competitive worker is defined as “one who is qualified because of knowledge, training and experience to perform the work, as well as being familiar with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and regulations that apply to the work, and has knowledge of all potential or actual danger to health or safety in the work.”

For information regarding training, when working near electrical conductors or equipment, the appropriate agencies to contact would be:

Powerline Plus Line Protection Services

“Powerline Plus is customer focused; Our relationship with our clients is integral to our operations. Mutual respect, integrity and ingenuity are at the core of our business philosophy. Our team continuously strives to exceed customer expectations and industry standards. We take great pride in that many of our customers have been with us since our inception. We are committed to building quality solutions by design.”

Ben Matin,
President & CEO